Bright, thoughtful and hard-working students from underrepresented backgrounds have been excluded from the college experience for too long.

Additionally, once accepted, colleges and universities have struggled to meet the needs of these underrepresented students.

We need your help to address this inequality to change the lives of students and transform the higher education landscape.


82% of individuals

from the top quartile of income attain degrees by age 24

Only 8%

from the bottom quartile attain degrees in the same time  (NYT, “Reproduction of Privilege” 3/12/12)

60% of students

from the general population graduate within 6 years

Only 10%

of low-income first generation students graduate within 6 years (Education Advisory Board, 4/29/19)

Ways to Get Involved


Help us harness the untapped power, insight and perseverance of overlooked student populations.  Donors can make unrestricted gifts or earmark money to meet specific needs (technology for students, gap funding for soft costs, SAT/ACT prep, etc.).


Join the Sunrise Scholars team as a volunteer.  Future opportunities include event support, first-generation mentoring or sharing your insight regarding a specific discipline.


Do you have a product that could further support our process?  Let us know and let’s see how we can partner together to better serve our students.


Learn more about college access issues that make the Sunrise Scholars Foundation’s mission so vital.