Removing the barriers to

college success

The Sunrise Scholars Foundation’s mission is to provide free, comprehensive college counseling support to high-achieving underrepresented students in Florida.  The goal is to graduate students from “best fit” universities with minimal debt.

Mission to Vision

We envision a college placement environment that ensures access based on talent, community impact and personal character.  We believe this inclusivity will level the playing field and change the lives of scholars, their families and their communities.

The proof is in the facts.


Florida Student-to-Counselor Ratio (NACAC)


The bottom quartile of income represented only 3% of students enrolling at the most competitive institutions…


…The top quartile represents 72% (Jack Kent Cook Foundation)

$1 Million

College graduates earn $1 million more in earnings over their lifetime than non-college grads (Georgetown)

90,000 Students

ACT identified nearly 90,000 students in the class of 2015 who met all four ACT college-readiness benchmarks and earned an average ACT composite score of 27.6 (close to the 90th percentile), but did not enroll in college this past year. (ACT)